This is an unique therapy in the science of ayurveda.It keeps the body young and agile even after one has passed his/her youth. According to ayurveda, this therapy extends one’s lifespan by preventing the degeneration process of the body

Benefits of Rejuvenation Therapy

The benefits of rejuvenation therapy are manifold. Apart from promoting good health, it is beneficial to increase the healthy person’s mental and physical capabilities. The skin looks youthful and radiates its natural glow. It brings calmness and de-stresses the mind, relieving it from anxiety, depression and stress related health issues. A higher resistance to diseases is built into the body



It is otherwise known as Uzhichil, where medicated oil is used to massage the body with specific implications to the 107 vital points (marmas). It helps to give better blood circulation,nerve simulation, muscular tone, mental tranquility and better health maintenance.


It is an unique treatment where specific medicated oils are used to bath the head in a regular stream for a definite period of time. It is an effective therapy for physiological relaxation and cures insomnia, stress, depression, decreased mental agility etc. Shirodhara can be done either with medicated oil,medicated milk or with medicated butter milk depents on the patients body constitution(dosha).


It is a relaxing, smoothing and rejuvenating treatment with medicated warm oil used in a continuous stream for a definite period for the whole body (excluding head & face).It is used to effectively treat arthritis, ageing, general weakness, paralysis and other nuero musculo skeletal diseaces . “Pizhichil” and “Sarvangadhara” are technically the same.


It is an innovative classical massage with medicated bolus(leaves and other medicated ingridients) is used to tackle join pain, muscle cramps, physical stress and arthritics etc.


It is a whole body massage using medicated milk porridge made into a bundle. It is an immuno enhancing rejuvenation therapy and is made use if in convalescence period of injury and trauma, muscular wasting, arthritis, general weakness, paralysis etc

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